Drywall Adhesive

Superior structural drywall adhesives for installing regular and vinyl-faced gypsum wallboard to wood and steel framing members. Increases structural strength, requires up to 66% fewer nails or screws, and eliminates unattractive nail pops.


  • FRP-1168 –  Water based acrylic latex adhesive
  • GG29000 – Gun ‘N Go water base mastic, shear wall adhesive
  • LC3000 – Solvent base, shear wall, subfloor adhesive

Subfloor Adhesives

Subfloor and construction adhesives formulated for adhering plywood to wood framing. Can be used on wet, frozen, chemically pressure treated lumber or untreated lumber. Increases the strength of structural flooring systems and eliminates 80% of nail requirements.


  • F6400-LVR – Solvent-free single component structural adhesive
  • LC3000 – Solvent base, shear wall, subfloor adhesive

Duct Liner Adhesives

Insulation, cabin interiors, countertops, fabrics, and floors can all be bonded safely and productively with a STA’-PUT or MIRACLE adhesive.


  • 1330 –  General purpose, corner bead adhesive
  • Ultratack – water based duct liner adhesive
  • PF-102 – water based duct liner adhesive
  • PF-96 – solvent based duct liner adhesive