Manufactured Housing

Foam Adhesive


  • F2100 and F2100A – High quality, high yielding, 2-part polyurethane foam adhesive system specifically designed to attach gypsum board to nominal lumber framing in walls and ceilings without the use of mechanical fasteners
  • F6400-LVR – solvent free single component moisture cured structural adhesive specifically designed to bond flooring to joists, wallboard to stud framing, and wallboard to header construction


Construction Adhesives

When your construction application demands an adhesive that is robust and compliant, you’re looking for a MIRACLE product.


  • DSA-20 – Drywall & construction adhesive
  • GG29000 – Gun ‘N Go water base mastic, shear wall adhesive
  • Lumber Lock – Subfloor & construction adhesive
  • SFA-66 – Subfloor adhesive