Anchor Adhesive Application on Concrete Surfaces

The following procedure is recommended when applying Anchor Adhesive to concrete:

Surface Preparation:

  • Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease, frost or any other foreign matter which will impair adhesive.
  • New concrete surfaces need to cure a minimum of 28 days in order to ensure the best adhesion with Anchor Adhesive. This cure time can be affected by temperatures, since the evaporation of water from the concrete will be hindered by freezing temperatures and/or high humidity. After curing, surfaces should be high pressure water blasted or sand blasted to remove any surface curing agents or latents.
  • Existing concrete surfaces should be high pressure water blasted or sand blasted to remove existing coatings and all foreign matter.

Applying the Anchor Adhesive:

  • Store adhesive at room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to use. If necessary, stir Anchor Adhesive to ensure uniform product. Do not apply at temperatures below 30 degrees F.
  • Spread Anchor Adhesive evenly to the anchor base, if possible allowing solvent to flash off for several minutes before pressing anchor firmly into place, using a slight twisting motion. Adhesive will protrude through the perforated base plate, but do not use an excessive amount of adhesive.
  • Application will be dry within approximately 24-72 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions. Heat and humidity, or cold weather can cause longer drying times.
  • Do not apply load until application is completely dry.